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Tick and ecto-parasite control for cattle

Category: Acaricides

Species: Cattle, Sheep, Goats

Active Ingredients: alphacypermethrin 10% EC

Legal Category: LM


What is Bimatix?

Bimatix 10% EC, containing Alphacypermethrin, is a broad spectrum acaricide for control of ticks and other ect-parasites on cattle.


Bimatix 10% EC is licensed to kill ticks on cattle. It is also indicated for the control of the tsetse fly, biting flies and other nuisence flies as well as lice, fleas and lice.


  • Effective against a variety of ecto-parasites
  • Convenient 12 hour milk withdrawal period
  • Convenient 1 day meat withdrawal period
  • Convenient 4 day offal withdrawal period

Withdrawal Period

Meat1 Day
Offal4 days
Milk12 hours

Pack Size

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
20 mL24
50 mL24
100 mL24
250 mL12
500 mL12
1 L12
200 L1