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The complete solution for treating ecto- & endo-parasites

Category: Dewormers

Species: Cattle, Sheep, Goats

Active Ingredients: ivermectin + clorsulon

Legal Category: POM


What is Bimectin Plus?

Bimectin Plus is an ideal choice for broad spectrum control of internal and external parasites in cattle. This 3-in-1 injection for chronic fluke, worms and lice contains the potent anthelmintics Ivermectin (10mg./ml) and Clorsulon (100mg/ml) and offers convenience, value for money and efficacy. The clorsulon component has been shown to be over 99% effective against adult fluke.


An injectible antiparasitic with broad spectrum activity against internal and external parasites including liverflukes. 

Bimectin Plus is licensed for wide range of internal and external parasites including:

  • Liver fluke (adult) Fasciola hepatica
  • Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited larval stages)
  • Haemonchus placei
  • Trichostrongylus axei
  • Cooperia oncophora
  • Bunostomum phlebotomum
  • Oesophagostamum radiatum
  • Lungworms (adult and fourth-stage larvae)
  • Warbles (parasitic stages)
  • Mange mites (Psoroptes bovis, Sarcoptes scabiei var. bovis)
  • Sucking lice (Linognathus vituli, Haematopinus eurystemus, Solenopotes capillatus)


  • Super efficacy against adult fluke
  • Highly effective against mange and lice
  • Highly effective against lungworms and gut-worms
  • A cost-effective solution which delivers results

Withdrawal Period

Meat/Offal21 Days21 Days21 Days
Milk21 Days21 Days21 Days

Pack Size

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
1BIM05050 mL90
1BIM100100 mL70