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The future looks bright with Biogreen

Category: Liver Tonic

Species: Poultry

Active Ingredients: Plant extracts (Boldo, Cynara, Rosemary, Orthosiphon, Kinkeliba), Lysine, Sorbitol


What is ?

BIOGREEN is a Liver tonic designed for improved production performance due to increased energy production and metabolic functions during periods of stress and heat stress.


BIOGREEN can be used during critical periods of production that result in an abnormal energy usage which may affect water and feed intake and/or impair anabolic and metabolic functions. Stress periods such as Start-up, start and peak of laying, diseases, feed transition, post-vaccination stress, transport, handling, debeaking, Intoxication, crowding, heat stress, etc.


  • Optimize the efficiency of energy production from feed by improving feed and water intake.
  • Support detoxification and elimination of harmful waste products by improving Hepatic, Renal and Cellular detoxification.
  • BIOGREEN acts as a crisis manager by improving physical performance in the critical periods that may adversely affect the bird's health, weight gain and feed conversion efficiency.
  • Since BIOGREEN contains only natural substances, it does not have a withdrawal time.
  • It is very safe to use with no side-effects observed following administration of the product, and it is truly compatible with a large number of products.

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