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Trace element supplement for dairy cows

Category: Nutritional

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: zinc, copper, selenium, manganese

Legal Category: LM


What is Mintrex Dairy?

The bio-plexed mineral that meets the trace element requirements of dairy cows. 


MINTREX® is a chelated organic trace minerals supplement that provide a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals to dairy cows in all stages of production. MINTREX works to improve overall animal production through boosting reproductive performance, increasing health status and reducing the number of lame cows and hoof problems compared to other mineral sources.


  • Optimizes milk production from your well-bred and valuable cow
  • Ensures that your cow returns to heat within the shortest possible time to ensure a calf per cow per year
  • Minimizes metabolic disorders that are related to mineral nutrition such as Milk Fever, Ketosis, Retained Placenta and even Mastitis.
  • Optimizes milk solids, such as fats and proteins
  • Optimizes trace mineral bioavailability, hence cost effectiveness

Withdrawal Period

No withdrawal period.

Pack Size

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
1MIN002250 g1
1MIN003500 g1
1MIN00125 kg1