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Spray and dip wash against ticks, mange, mites and lice

Category: Acaricides

Species: Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats

Active Ingredients: amitraz

Legal Category: LM


What is Mostraz?

Mostraz is an acaricide for veterinary use as a spray and dip wash against ticks, mange, mites and lice on cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Mostraz controls ticks that are resistant to arsenicals, organo-phosphates and carbamates.

It should not be mixed with any other dip or spray.


For the control against ticks, mange, mites and lice.


  • Kills and controls ticks and mange in cattle, sheep and goats
  • Kills tick eggs,
  • Spreads all over the animal's skin or hide
  • Works fast
  • Kills all stages of ticks (ie. larva, nymphs and adults)
  • Safe to use

Withdrawal Period

Meat/OffalNil1 day

Pack Size

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
40 mL24
100 mL24
250 mL24
500 mL12
1 L12
5 L12