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Inactivated bivalent Salmonella vaccine

Category: Vaccines

Species: Poultry

Active Ingredients: Vaccine strains S. enteritidis - PT (C8, B3 ), S. typhimurium – PT [2(+4)


What is SalmAbic?

Inactivated bivalent water-in-oil Salmonella vaccine for the protection of breeders and layers against S. enteritidis (Group D) and S. typhimurium (Group B)


SalmAbic® indicated for the vaccination of Layer & Breeder chickens against S.enteritidis and S. typhimurium


Highly immunogenic
Provides high antibody titers against S. enteritidis and S. typhimurium

Progeny protection
reduces the risk of eggs and progeny contamination.

Meat protection
SalmAbic® improves human health by reducing contamination of eggs and meat

Safe to use
SalmAbic® contains inactivated bacteria with no risk of infection to vaccinated birds

Reduces disease pressure
SalmAbic® reduces the infection pressure on poultry premises and the risk of re-infection of new flocks

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