Bimeda Zambia Supports Local Poultry Farmers Via Training


Bimeda is committed to having a positive impact in the communities where we operate and to finding opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of people and animals in local communities.

The Bimeda Zambia team recently led training on poultry farmers in Lusaka, focusing on specific protocols which can be introduced to optimise the health and welfare of farmed birds.

The Zambia team focused on key areas such as farm biosecurity and disinfection, vaccination programmes and winter management. Through promoting best practice, the team equipped farmers with the necessary tools to ensure that their birds remain healthy and productive. By implementing preventative health measures, such as biosecurity protocols and vaccination programmes, farmers will be able to reduce the incidence of diseases and the costs associated with treating sick birds.

The training was attended by over 350 poultry farmers drawn from both commercial and small-scale sectors. This was a wonderful opportunity for the Bimeda Zambia team to showcase some of our hygiene products like Bimakleen and the role that these can play in enhancing biosecurity. Farmers also appreciated the many benefits attributed to the use of Aminovital a highly concentrated multivitamin in poultry.

The Bimeda team has been conducting several of such trainings across the country and this in particular was made possible with the support from one of our largest customers, Ross Breeders Central Africa, A multinational company that supplies day old chicks in Zambia and the sub-region.

The Zambia team is dedicated to using their knowledge and expertise to support farmers in the country and looks forward to future opportunities to provide such training. These trainings give our team an opportunity to hear some of the challenges the farmers are facing and being able to provide the most appropriate solution.

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